About Department

In this cumbersome world of technical priorities, Science being the inseparable part of fast growing world, we strive hard to develop the basic essential skills of knowledge based and value based education in our students with a blend of current global levels and nurture students with enhanced knowledge of practical applications.

Applied science being part of students’ curriculum, transforms the macro levels of technical society into a natural blend of science and ponder over for the upliftment of  life skills and subject skills thereon to attain mastery over in depth skills of what is expected and what to be delivered into the rapidly growing modern world.

 The task of enriching the knowledge can be accomplished with proper application of analytical and logical ability which requires a superior mathematical ground, which is being fed to all the students in this Department as a fruit of numerical ability with varying calculus of applied mathematical topics.

Overall the Dept of Science nurtures a student with garden of analysis based greenery together with sweetness of science, trying to reap more fruits and see colourful flowers blossom in the students’ life who can tame the glory of technical world.